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Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a common condition affecting nearly 2.5 million people in the UK.

Hip arthritis occurs when the smooth surfaces of this ball and socket joint are worn away, leading to exposed bony surfaces which rub against each other when the joint moves. This can cause pain and stiffness of the joint. The pain can be sharp or dull and it is often experienced in the groin, thigh and buttocks. Some patients experience ‘referred pain’ in the knee. The pain can limit activities like walking and disturb sleep. The stiffness can lead to difficulties with getting dressed.

Hip arthrit is can occur due to:

1. Hereditary (genetic) factors i.e. passed down in families

2. Childhood conditions such as hip dysplasia , Perthe’s disease

3. Inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis

4. Trauma- hip fractures and dislocation

5. Life style problems-

Hip arthritis is usually diagnosed by examination and X-rays of the pelvis.

The early stages of hip arthritis can usually be well managed with non-operative treatments- for example , pain control medication , weight loss , the use of a stick and injections. When these treatments are no longer effective a hip replacement may be necessary.

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I am delighted with the result of the operation, my knee is more comfortable than it has been for several years. I am most grateful to Mr Dodds for his courtesy, his great skill and for the care provided by his anaesthetist and nursing team.

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