Knee Problems

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) InjuriesThe ACL is a commonly damaged ligament during sporting activities, especially in sports that involve pivoting e.g. football, rugby or netball.

Cartilage ProblemsCartilage problems are often triggered by sporting injuries. Common types of cartilage problems are mensical and chondral.

Knee ArthritisOsteoarthritis is when the smooth surface of joint cartilage wears away to expose the underlying bone. It often causes joint swelling and stiffness.

Knee Cap ProblemsKnee cap problems can be tricky to treat so an accurate assessment and investigations are essential to secure a precise diagnosis and allow an appropriate treatment plan to be made.

Knee Ligament InjuriesSignificant twisting injuries can sometimes result in damage to one or more of the major ligaments that support the knee.

Knee PainKnee pain affects patients of all ages and has a large variety of causes. At your outpatient appointment our consultants will assess your pain and examine your knee in detail.

Overuse InjuriesA plica is an extra fold of tissue lining the inside of the knee. It is usually found on the inner side of the joint. Having a plica is a common occurrence and the majority of people who have plicae do not have symptoms.

Sports Knee InjuriesA large number of our patients consult us having sustained a knee injury. This is usually a result of a twisting injury, and often during sports.

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I am delighted with the result of the operation, my knee is more comfortable than it has been for several years. I am most grateful to Mr Dodds for his courtesy, his great skill and for the care provided by his anaesthetist and nursing team.

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