In order to help make a decision on whether the Reading Hip & Knee Unit is the right place for you, here are some testimonials from recent patients. It’s always good to hear from you about your experience with us, and we gratefully receive your feedback.

​”I had a partial knee replacement in January. I have nothing but praise for Mr Davies. He took the time to clearly explain everything to me and was easy to communicate with. The operation seems to be a success and I can’t wait to have my other knee operated on by him.”
February 2019

​”Following on from my complete knee replacement that Mr Nev Davies carried out in late June of last year , I just wanted to Thankyou so much for the brilliant job that you did .

Right from my first assessment by you I felt in very professional and safe hands ,where you explained everything in detail , you listened to my worries about the operation ,and told me exactly what I should do to prepare myself to give me the best possible outcome .

To my mind you don’t just carry out the operation required you treat the person as a whole .

Consequently on the morning of the operation although there is of course the nervousness of having it done ,the minute you came into the room full of confidence and positivity it radiated around the room and created such a feeling of utter trust .!

The care in The Circle is second to none ,and when the staff knew who was carrying out my operation they actually told me that I was extremely fortunate to have you ,as in their opinion you were Simply The Best .!

Which I can totally agree with whole heartedly .!

Your support concern and professional advice throughout has I feel been of the utmost importance in my very successful recovery for which I am most grateful”

February 2019

​”After months of tolerating worsening pain in my knee that prevented me from walking / exercising I chose to visit the Circle Hospital for diagnosis and hopefully treatment, very pleased I did.

Nev Davies listened to my problem and gave an initial diagnosis which proved to be correct after an MRI scan, after a further appointment to review the scan Nev recommended a steroid injection which was carried out immediately. As I write this 2 weeks later I am pain free and starting physio to prevent re-occurrence.

The experience was professional and efficient with a personal touch from both Nev and Secretary Debbie, I’ve been very impressed from start to finish.”

February 2019

​”Both of my knees had progressively got more painful and were arthritic though I still managed to golf, play tennis and ski it was only through anti-inflammatory and painkilling drugs. I believe that it was due to an excessive amount of rugby and athletics in my formative years. I decided to go for full replacement of both knees at the same time and came off crutches at three weeks mainly due to the devoted but very painful attentions of my wife who is a physiotherapist. I never used sticks. For the three months preceding surgery I had gone through a daily exercise regime to strengthen my legs and had lost a stone in weight. I believe that this was the critical factor to allow Mr Dodds to work his magic and then to get back on my feet quickly. I played in a golf tournament with a golf cart 9 weeks after surgery and, though walking was tiring, the golf swing was unimpeded.

I have continued with the exercises both at home, and as an outpatient where the support has been excellent,and added to them as needed and from 12 weeks after surgery have gone in to London a couple of times a week on work and sometimes have three meetings in different locations and happily use the tube and walk for over 10000. I stopped taking any drugs after 7 weeks.

I expect to be back on the tennis court in 6 weeks and skiing next March.

The first 4 weeks after surgery were painful but manageable with painkillers and gradually increasing the distance I walked was good as a measure of progress and gave me confidence. There is no doubt in my mind that doing the exercises and setting targets sped up my recovery.

Sleeping for the first 4 weeks was difficult because with bilateral surgery there is no ‘good’ side on which to lie. Th physios also took delight in suggesting that for any new exercise I put my good leg forward first.

The professionalism of Richard Dodds and his team was remarkable. He said I would know when it was time to have the surgery and he was right and I’m very glad that I had it done.

I was 62 at the time of surgery, limped and was in pain most of the time but otherwise in good health. My prospects for an active, pain-free life well into my seventies are looking a lot better now.”

October 2018​

​”After quite a lot of pain in my left knee I decided to go private because of a planned holiday in the alps. I was given choice of 3 hospitals and decided for the Circle Reading. When I had my pre-op on 3.July and faced the Circle for the first time I was amazed how airy and clean it was. Just like a 5-star hotel! My encounter with Mr Nev Davies was equally nice and relaxed. I had an x-ray there and then and a few minutes after the result. I was quite surprised how worn out my Knee was. Mr Davies explained to me that I needed a half-knee operation and what the risks could occur. Everything made sense to me and I was very happy when I was given a date for the operation on 23.rd July. I was admitted on this day. Mr Davies and his team were fantastic and all went very well. I was up and about the same afternoon and had my first physiotherapy session. Again the staff were very patient and friendly. I was released on 15th July and recovered well at home. I decided to try and bring my “signing off” date forward as I felt fit enough to go back to work. Debbie Rollason (Secretary to Mr Davies) kindly granted me an appointment with Mr Davies on 23rd August. Mr Davies was quite surprised how well I was. By then I was driving again and took my dog out for 3 mile walks every day. I was signed off and went back to work on 28th August. My progress is going well and I will go on holiday to Switzerland where I like to walk in the Alps.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Davies and his Team very much for everything and not to forget Mrs. Debbie Rollason who always was very friendly on the phone and gave me prompt appointments.

I hope the Circle Reading will always keep its superb standards.”

September 2018​

​”During 2018 I sustained separate sports injuries to both my knees. As part of his service, Mr Davies explained the pros and cons of surgical intervention very clearly and addressed all my questions and concerns. His personal guidance put me at ease regarding my decision to go ahead with the arthroscopy.

Following my surgery Mr Davies was on hand to recommend the best approach for me to return to playing sport. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Davies & his team.”

September 2018​

​”My right knee became a problem last summer. Mr Dodds suggested physiotherapy and exercises to contain the problem,sadly to no effect. He operated at the end of April replacing the whole joint. I walked round my bed within four hours or returning from recovery and was released from hospital after three nights. My pain level was moderate at worst, there has been some swelling but only limited bruising and following further physio and exercises, after seven weeks I am in no pain, walking normally and using only one crutch – and that’s purely for expeditions. I am delighted with the result of the operation, my knee is more comfortable than it has been for several years. I am most grateful to Mr Dodds for his courtesy his great skill and for the care provided by his anaesthetist and nursing team.”

June 2018

​”I had a knee arthroscopy to removed and clean up damaged cartilage after 6 years of repeated injury and dislocation from playing sport. I had been putting off the idea of surgery, but it was a great decision to finally get it seen to. I couldn’t be happier with the results so far, and in less time than expected. Running, squats and climbing stair caused pain, and a lot more cracking than a 22 year old’s knee should have! Now 2 weeks after the op, and following the physio exercises given after the operations, I am driving and climbing/ descending stairs without a problem and on the road to a full recover and hoping to get back to regular exercise within the next few weeks. The staff at the Circle hospital were great, and would like the thank my surgeon, Nev Davies for fixing the problem and taking me through an explanation of the work he did in the follow up.”

March 2018

“I went to see Sean O’Leary after my knee was giving way when playing football. Sean quickly informed me that my knee was in a very bad way and would need an Osteotomy, which would involve three operations. He explained what would need to be done and we began the process. Sean also informed me that I wouldn’t play football again. This became a running joke as I informed him I would recover and I would play again!

The second op (Osteotomy) was major, admittedly, I underestimated this. It did knock me for six and I knew I had a long recovery ahead of me. With the help of Sean and the Circle physioteam I began my recovery. I worked hard every day in the gym as was determined to get back on to the pitch. Each time I visited Sean for a check up, I asked the question “Will I play again?” The answer remained the same, as did my response. Four months or so passed and I began light running on the knee, a few months later and I was doing sprints. I had broken a barrier. I still had some discomfort as I could feel the plate which had been put in the knee. A year down the line and my third op came, which was taking the plate out, a small operation. After a few weeks, my knee felt brand new, it felt safe, sturdy and I felt confident. It wasn’t long before I was running and began football training. Three months after the last knee op (15 months in total), I felt I was ready to play again. My first game back, I came on as a substitute for about 20 minutes, it was an amazing feeling, in my eyes, I had beaten the odds. For the first few weeks I was quite far behind the game, but once the rust wore off I grew in confidence. I built my game time up more and more as the season came to a close.

I began pre-season with my team in July and I haven’t looked back since… Admittedly, It is quite rare that I am completing 90 minutes, but I am still getting 70-80 minutes in each week and have actually scored 12 in my first 8 games. Not a bad return ;-). I now have confidence in my knee, twisting and turning isn’t a problem and I now feel confident goingin to a challenge. I have worked my socks off to get to this point and it was hard, hard work. At times I wanted to accept defeat but my goals were firmly in place and I wasn’t giving up until I achieved them.

When I first went to the Circle Hospital, my knee was in a horrible condition, but with the help of Sean O’Leary and Stuart Wylie in the Physio team, my knee feels better than it has in a long, long time. I would definitely recommend the Circle to anyone. Sean has a great personality, honest and sets realistic expectations. On the days ofsurgery Sean was always very calming and quite frequently called me to check how I was getting on between check-ups. Even on the odd occasion at the weekend. I would like to thank all at Circle for helping me get to where I am now, but a quick message to Sean… I told you I would get back on the pitch!! ;-)”

S Smith

December 2016

“I would like to say thank you for the highly professional and considerate way I have been treated by all your team at the Circle. I am particularly grateful to have enjoyed access to your own skills and related technology. I now look forward to a positive review in 4 months time.”

E Masdin

November 2016

“Five months ago I had a complete Knee replacement at the Circle. My excellent Surgeon was Mr O’Leary,the operation was successful and the care I received was very good.Physiotherapy began in the few days that I was a patient, and I was discharged with instructions to carry to continue with the exercises at home, together with a plentiful supply of painkillers.
I cannot emphasise enough the importance of carrying out these instructions. It was painful at first, but the pain did ease and there was the stimulation of knowing I was helping myself and co-operating with the Surgeon. Not only my knee but my whole body has benefited and my balance and confidence have improved enormously. I continue to do the exercises every day.”
S Dunford
September 2016

“Mr O’Leary certainly performed an excellent unicompartmental knee replacement on me. I was fortunate; at 68 years old, I was able to stay fit before the operation by cycling. Then I walked out of The Circle the morning after the operation with no walking aids; I understand this is unusual. I was conscientious about my physiotherapy, and within three weeks I was walking better and further than I was able to do before the operation. Within two months I was back in ballet classes, performing most of the exercises …… I must add that Mr O’Leary attitude was inspirational, and certainly encouraged my recovery efforts. Now, at 71, I have become the oldest person in this country to pass the Royal Academy of Dance’s Grade 6 ballet exam.”
D Pechey

September 2016

“Dear Mr Tavares, Many thanks indeed for giving me a new lease of life. My THR is wonderful thanks to your skill and those of the staff at the Circle. From the moment you walk in you are shown kindness and consideration by each of the staff. It has been a wonderful experience and I would strongly recommend anyone to go to the Circle for treatment.”

J A Hayter

“I don’t know all of your names as there were so many lovely people looking after me, but I would like to send my most sincere thanks for making the whole process of my knee replacement relatively painless and for being so lovely.

Mr Shawn Tavares, his team in surgery, the wonderful nursing staff, physiotherapists, and to the lovely people that fed me and cleaned my room.

A great big thank you! I am genuinely looking forward to me second TKR!”

P Haynes

8th January 2016

“Neville did an amazing job on my knee. The pain before my knee operation was quite severe. I could not get in and out of the car; I was limping badly and could not sleep at night. I was in chronic pain, it was unbearable.

Having my new knee has been a life changing experience.

Neville explained clearly what would happen during the operation and the aftercare.

The standard of care in the hospital was exemplary. Nothing was too much trouble.

I can now do many things, that before were impossible because if the excruciating pain.

I can go for walks, sleep at night and I cannot thank Mr Neville Davies enough for his work.

I would highly recommend Mr Davies to anyone thinking of having a knee replacement.

I am no longer in chronic pain and for this I am extremely grateful.”

Mrs Carmel Law Sinha

November 2015

“I am still skipping down the lanes of Henley thanks to you – with both legs the same length.”

W Dutfield

May 27th 2015

“I had an ACL reconstructive surgery on the 8th December of 2014 under Mr Nev Davies, before the due date of the surgery I had a consultation with Mr Davies and was explained fully about the procedure and what to expect and the aftercare and recovery period, on the day of the surgery Mr Davies explained again to me the procedure and answered the questions I had and also put my mind at ease, the procedure went by as comfortably as I could ever expect. Mr Davies again visited me after the procedure to check on me and answer any questions I had. All in all it was as pleasant and comfortable an experience as I could expect under the circumstances and if I had the procedure again I wouldn’t hesitate to have Mr Davies perform it again.”
F Walters

10th March 2015

“I am so lucky I chose this hospital to do my knee surgery. Outstanding services from all departments. Specifically I would like to thank Dr Davies who took responsibility. I’m recovering really well and quicker than I thought. I feel my knee getting stronger day by day. Thanks.”

M Badurdeen

23rd February 2015

“The year prior to my total knee operation in December 2011, I could no longer walk without difficulty, certainly not undertake longer walks which I love.
I was referred to Mr Tavares. At all times I found Mr Tavares factual, he explained the problem clearly, he was always courteous, he has a sense of humour; he inspired total confidence.
The operation went well. After a short stay in hospital I went home and started the recuperation routine as prescribed by the medical team.
This is a major operation, so yes; there is a degree of pain. But it is manageable and after 2 months or so, I was able to walk without sticks and go on regular walks. 6 months later I was back on my bike, 1 ½ year later I went on an 11 day walking tour in the Alps. We never walked for less than 6 hours a day; the terrain was difficult at times. At no point did I feel any difficulty with regards to my hip.
Mr Tavares has changed my life. I shall always be grateful.”

M Dapper

August 2013

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I am delighted with the result of the operation, my knee is more comfortable than it has been for several years. I am most grateful to Mr Dodds for his courtesy, his great skill and for the care provided by his anaesthetist and nursing team.

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