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January 31, 2019

January 9, 2019

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Blog ‘Past’ the Stones! What I have learnt from running 100km ‘non-stop’

July 31, 2019

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I remember reading Michelangelos biography ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ before I went to Florence , Interailing in 1996. This month’s can be described as just that…….





We had a great trip back to La Santa for the Easter break and although the weather wasn’t as good as in February, I managed a massive 88 km of training in total. This was split into 4 long runs and I felt good at the start at the week, fell into the ‘overtraining’ trap and ended up with a very sore calf muscle by the end. Luckily Lauren’s sister was out there too, a very experienced sports physio and she helped me diagnose the problem quickly and after a week of rest on our return home, it had settled right down and I was back into the swing of things.


The Volcanos were awesome and gave my Hill legs a good work out !! Unfortunately my ‘off road’ trainers took a hammering and the treads were gone by the end of the week, with all the scree running. 


Back at home I’ve steadily been building up the distance with double runs at the weekends and managed 40 km on Sunday – I ran to Goring – along the river to Mapledurham estate and then home through Caversham Heath golf club. I’m so lucky to live around such amazing and stunning British countryside .I kept a steady 6km/min pace and felt it’s a good pace to keep steady for the challenge.  I’ve also been experimenting with some power walking and can knock a 1km off in about 8 mins !! Pod casts are getting better and better now having listened to ‘Stuff you should know’ and ‘Earworm’.


Amazing British Countryside !!!


So the flyers have arrived and I’m massively grateful to Tracey and her team at Taxcalc for helping me get them designed and printed – they look really cool….


Thank you so much to all those wonderful people (patients, friends and colleagues) who have sponsored me so far – I’ve reached 24% of my target of £5000 which is awesome already …..





Having bashed out a cheeky 5k before Trystan’s (my middle son) football training session, I was feeling fantastic until Tuesday evening when I went to kick a ball to demonstrate a drill to the boys and I had the dreaded feeling of ‘being kicked in the back of the calf’ only to look around and see no one or nothing there !! – I then hit the deck like a sack of spuds with searing pain in my calf ……It’s the classic history of someone who has ruptured their achilles tendon but a quick examination, I realised my achilles was fine and this was almost certainly a calf tear. I’m so grateful to Dr Shez Hussain who performed an ultrasound on my calf this morning and confirmed a tear in the muscle belly. It could be worse I guess but I’m going to have to rest and get it rehabbed before I can start running again – (so frustrating as the training was going so well) There are 52 days till the event so I’m hoping I will be fighting fit, but it maybe that I will have to walk more of the route than I first hoped. I’m icing my calf now regularly with a great physiolab compression cryocuff hired from my good friends at Physiolistic, the  physio clinic based at Henley Rugby club. I’m also using the Compex machine to keep the muscles firing…


 Watch this space … I’m currently reading a book written by a US Navy Seal / Ultrarunner called Dave Goggins – it looks like his advice is for me to ‘Callous my mind’ stop being a pussy, and get on with it!


See you next month...


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